The Invitation


Let's keep this party going, ladies! Now that you've Lived Her Life, and tasted a bit of the challenges and HOPE that our Zambian women have, we invite you to take the next step with us. Keep the connection alive. Here are 3 ways you can do that with your party people:

1. Group Challenge: Between the 5-10 of you, we challenge you to sponsor the cost of one woman to complete her life-skills training program in Zambia. We'd love for your group to choose to change a life in Zambia so that next year's LHL party can feature the name, face, and story of the woman YOU brought through your program. 
$100/month for 12 months makes that happen. For a party with 10 of you, that's only $10/month for one year! With that small amount, a woman will learn how to sew, how to start and run her own small business, and how to keep her family healthy and together. One woman will get the chance to learn, graduate with a Diploma, and begin a sustainable path to financial independence for her family. 

Plus, great perks come with our HOPE Club Monthly Giving Program. Here's a tidbit about the HOPE Club: Our HOPE Club is a community of people, just like you, who choose to give monthly, 
giving HOPE to women in Zambia through our life-skills training program. More info on HOPE Club subscriptions can be found here

2. Individual Challenge: Is there only a few of you? And not many of you can commit to monthly giving right now? That's okay! How amazing would it be if just ONE of you stepped up to network with your friends and family to raise that $1,200 for a woman to receive life-changing life-skills training! $20 here and $50 there from those in your own social circle really adds up. You can make a HUGE difference right where you are, without having to jump on a plane to Zambia. 

3. Keep Following Along: Want more time to think it over? That's great, too! We would love for you to sign up for our e-mail list to follow along with our story. The sign up form is at the bottom of this page. We would also love for you to follow us on your favorite social media platform: or Instagram @ClothedinHope. Lastly, you can buy fun products from the ladies you just "met" at your party! Shop our collection below:

Spend the last few minutes of your party chatting together about how you will be part of changing the lives of vulnerable women in Zambia. Your donations, large or small, will add up to provide real, lasting change for women and families in Zambia.

Thank you for Living Her Life with us today!


(Note to Hostesses: Don't forget to put the e-mail sign up sheet in the mail. You just might get a little goodie in return for doing so!)