Why Zambia? Why not. It's a nation of great need, but also great opportunity. The people are beautiful, hospitable, capable, and passionate. And we love it here.ย 

Below are some stats about this nation we call home, outlining the needs that our development program is aiming to address, one stitch at a time.

  • Life Expectancy: 51 years

  • People Living Below the International Poverty Line: 74.5%

  • Women Married by Age 18: 41.6%

  • Females Being Physically Abused: 62%

  • Women with a Secondary Education or Higher: 26%

  • Total Population: 14.5 Million

  • Total Orphan Population: 1.2 Million

  • Average Number of Children per Woman: 5.76

  • Average Age When Mother Gives Birth to First Child: 19 years old

  • Female Literacy Rate: 52%

  • Adult HIV Rate: 12.7%


(Sources from CIA Factbook, UNICEF, WHO)