She Made it Happen

Ever meet someone who just makes things happen? Maybe he/she is a pro networker or excellent multitasker or just drinks a ton of coffee.

Ever heard of someone who just makes things happen in the middle of a rural village? Without social media, without the connections, without resources, without coffee (gasp). Just tons of grit and determination.

That’s Precious Chisangano. This woman.

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She Is Priceless

Today is the She Is Priceless Global Giving Day hosted by Mercy House Global. We’re hoping to raise $7,500 so that we can rebuild our Chikondi Community Center in Muchochoma Village that was recently destroyed by a crazy storm. This facility will host dozens and dozens of women for their skills-training program, teaching them everything they need to know to become seamstresses and entrepreneurs in their rural communities. Basically, it’s a life-changing opportunity. And the building is where it all starts.

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Patience's Story

Patience's story is just one of many, and she represents the dozens and dozens of women in our program who have risen above oppression to choose a better life for themselves and their families. Her story is still being written, as she's a current student in our Kaunda Square location. She will graduate this coming March. During our recent trip to Zambia we asked who would want to share their story with our CiH family in America, and Patience was eager to do so. 

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