We're in this for the long haul. That means building trust, fostering meaningful relationships, and investing deeply in the lives of women in our program. This doesn't happen overnight or from handouts; it happens from years of proving to a vulnerable community that we will not give up.
We are for them, we are with them, we are cheering them on. Though we're only a few years in since our in-country launch in 2012, we've seen great success in the lives of women in our program. 



Since 2012...

So far, 316 women have joined our empowering life-skills training program focused on sewing + entrepreneurship as a means of orphan prevention.

We are running 3 locations: 2 in urban compounds in Lusaka, and 1 in a remote village in Zambia. All 3 locations focused on empowering women + entire communities.

Over 1028 children have benefitted as a result of empowering their mothers. Kids can now attend school, eat 3 meals a day, and thrive in a happy, healthy home.

Over 75 women have received micro-loans to start businesses as part of our sustainability model. We rejoice over the 100% repayment rate since the program began.

We have held 11 Graduation Ceremonies, graduating over 100 women with proficiency in sewing + entrepreneurship to launch their own small businesses.

We have hired 6 full-time Zambian staff for a community-owned focus in our program. We are providing jobs for past graduates, widows, and even vulnerable young men.


Though the road is long and development isn't easy, we are humbled and grateful to be a part of writing stories of HOPE in the lives of dozens of women, their families, and their entire communities. Real, lasting change is happening in Zambia, and we invite you to join us.