She Is Priceless

Today is the She Is Priceless Global Giving Day hosted by Mercy House Global. We’re hoping to raise $7,500 so that we can rebuild our Chikondi Community Center in Muchochoma Village that was recently destroyed by a crazy storm. This facility will host dozens and dozens of women for their skills-training program, teaching them everything they need to know to become seamstresses and entrepreneurs in their rural communities. Basically, it’s a life-changing opportunity. And the building is where it all starts.

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Let's Get Swanky

We're excited to pull that gown out of the back of the closet, dust it off, and get swanky for a night. 

But more than that, we're excited to welcome our Zambia Director to the US for the VERY FIRST TIME in her life!! Elina, one of our very first students turned #girlboss extraordinaire, was approved for a Visitor Visa from the U.S. Embassy in Lusaka, and will get to see what America is all about. 

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We've Moved!

Our landlord thought he could take advantage of our women. We said no way. We packed our bags and moved out of there into a new Kaunda Square facility. We need YOUR help to fund this unexpected change. Just 10 of you to give $10/month will give our ladies safety, running water, electricity, and the message that injustice will not prevail. 

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Where Are They Now: Jessy's Story

Jessy is one entrepreneurial woman. 

A mother of 5 and grandmother of 6 children, she joined our program in 2012 with the very first group to complete our skills-training program. Jessy appeared to be shy and timid, but we now know her to be a woman of less words spoken because of the many thoughts she's constantly entertaining in her mind - she's brilliant. 

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When Life Gives You Lemons, You Make A Skirt

The storm that destroyed the facility couldn’t destroy the passion and determination with the Muchochoma Village ladies and our training staff. When life gave them lemons, they made skirts. They made skirts sitting on maize sacks on the ground in the sunshine. The most beautiful skirts from the most inspiring determination. 

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Graduation Recap: Class of March 2015

Here's a little peek into what happens at a Clothed in Hope Graduation Ceremony (hint: it's FUN!). Enjoy the photos, and celebrate with us all that this day means for the 7 women who graduated from our skills-training program. Thank you to all of you who have donated and purchased products, because you are the ones who made it happen. You have given the life-changing gift of education to women in Zambia. You have given HOPE. And rather than this being the end of their journey, it's really just the beginning.

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