We're Bursting at the Seams!

We have reached capacity at both of our current training locations in Zambia. Many women have now heard of Clothed in Hope and want in on the life-changing HOPE. We see the need, we see the opportunity, and we are excited to announce this community-led growth for us...

We launched a NEW Clothed in Hope Training Site in Kaunda Square Compound in April 2016!

Join the HOPE Club today to be one of the 16 for 16. We only need THREE more people to join to match the students in this new class, allowing vulnerable women the opportunity to change their lives: 

About Kaunda Square:

  • Kaunda Square is a 45-minute walk from our Chikondi Community Center, still within Lusaka.
  • This compound is similar to Ng’ombe, another one of the 26 urban compounds located in Lusaka, Zambia, home to tens of thousands of vulnerable people. People living in this compound are living in poverty with unimaginable hardships, such as child trafficking and domestic violence.
  • Right now— this very month— 16 women in Kaunda Square are meeting twice weekly as part of our Skills Training Program. We are so excited to grow our CiH Family!

We invite 16 of you to join the 16 women starting our program in Kaunda Square. When you sign up below, you'll receive a handwritten note from one of the 16 women. We can't do this without you. 

The HOPE Club is our group of monthly donors and world changers who support the long-term goals of empowerment and poverty alleviation for women in Zambia. They are our foundation. 
And they receive fun perks such as a FREE Member Exclusive T-shirt, monthly HOPE stories, exclusive promotions and news, and the satisfaction of making a huge impact in others' lives.

Unice from the new Kaunda Square group

Unice from the new Kaunda Square group

Give HOPE to Kaunda Square. Be a part of CiH History.
Join the HOPE Club today:

Your monthly commitment means long-lasting impact for women in Zambia, particularly women in the Kaunda Square Compound that you're helping to launch this season:

Zikomo! Thank you for joining us to change the lives of women and families in Zambia! 

All donations are 100% tax-deductible. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
Donations may also be mailed to 314 Bonniewood Drive, Cary, NC 27518
with checks to Clothed in Hope.