UPDATE: WE HIT OUR GOAL!! We're still collecting funds for even more machines for our ladies!

We're in desperate need of some new machines!
After 150+ women have had their training on our sewing machines in the last 2 years (since our last sewing machine drive), our machines have seen better days.

We'd love to raise enough funds to purchase at least 20 NEW Sewing Machines to distribute amongst our 4 training centers.
All of our Sewing Machines are purchased locally in downtown Lusaka to further the Zambian economy and support small businesses. 

When you "purchase" a machine - or a part of one - we'll write your name on that Sewing Machine so you can be with our ladies as they learn how to sew.
You'll be providing the most important tool that these women need to become empowered, independent business owners in their communities.

Buy A Sewing Machine

$375 for 1 Electric Singer Sewing Machine (or $187.50 for 1/2, $93.75 for 1/4)
$200 for 1 Manual Singer Sewing Machine (or $100 for 1/2, $50 for 1/4)

(Prices for Electric Machines have increased significantly due to changes in the local economy. The machines we buy are Singer brand, the highest quality available locally, so that we can get the most use out of them for the longest period of time. We are unable to accept donations of physical sewing machines in the US due to a 40% import tax in Zambia and extremely high shipping costs.)


Each Sewing Machine purchased will be utilized by 8 women over its lifetime. Eight sets of hands will be equipped through our life-skills training, eight hearts will be empowered. And eight families will be forever changed through HOPE.


What will happen to the old machines at our centers?
We're glad you asked! We are launching a Sewing Machine Recycling Program after this fundraiser. "Well-loved" Sewing Machines that are still operable but just not in the best shape will be made available for purchase for our Graduates. They'll be priced lower than any used sewing machine in Lusaka as a perk to our Graduates, so many will be able to use their micro loan funds to acquire a machine to launch their own tailoring businesses.