Pack your bags...

Dear friends, As I’m preparing for my trip to Zambia this July, I’ve come to realize and be at peace with the fact that so much is unknown. Out of my control. And that’s normal for that culture, but I’m so excited to see what’s in store for Clothed in Hope, what’s ahead for the lives of the women we care so deeply for. As I begin to get things ready, making appointments, working out the details that I can try to figure out here, I do it with an understanding that this isn’t just my trip.  This Clothed in Hope in-country launch isn’t just my journey. This is an adventure we’re all about to go on, with supporters, donors, graphic designers, video editors, staff, interns, with every contribution of every person who has allowed their hearts to be impacted by the stories of the women in Zambia, to bring hope and see change in the Ng’ombe slum community. I’m so thankful for every single person who is a part of this organization, and would love to invite everyone to come with me to Lusaka, Zambia this trip without even leaving your homes.  And stating the obvious, yes, of course we need funds to continue to grow, but we also cherish our CiH community, our heart. This isn’t the end, or even the beginning of CiH, it’s just another step on an incredible journey. I can’t say for sure what’s ahead. But I can say that I am grateful to get to share every step with every single one of y’all.

So join me on July 24.  Stretch a bit out of your comfort zone for those twelve weeks, allowing your heart to be impacted by the stories shared, experiences blogged about, photos taken, and I promise you won’t regret it. I need y’all, and am blessed by every one of you, whether I’ve met you or not, because you are the ones making it happen.

Practically you may be asking, “Really, what can I DO?” And sometimes it’s awkward asking for help, but it’s necessary. So here are just a few great ways:

  1. Tell everyone you know about this trip. Keep yourself updated with blog posts and such, and let the stories of the women, of Zambia, be heard here in America. Share CiH with your neighbors, communities, friends and family and invite them on this journey with us.
  2. Give. This may sound like a no-brainer, but the more financial resources we have, the more we can do in Zambia with our programming. Maybe you’ve been waiting to give until things start happening, so now’s your chance. The ticket is booked and it’s all absolutely going to happen. Maybe you’ve felt like your contribution wouldn’t be enough. But this is the beauty of it, everyone does what they can, big or small, all making Clothed in Hope what it can be for the women and children of Zambia.
  3. We need your talents. Creative types, marketing gurus, business-minded folks, anyone and everyone, we need y’all to help us keep things running in the US, to keep spreading the word and to help us keep up with our growth. We also need those specializing in finance, disease prevention or public health, education, and life skills to submit mini-lessons to be taught as a part of our skills training program in Zambia this July. Jump in my suitcase with the informational packet you’ve created knowing that YOU will provide valuable educational seminars as a part of the CiH program. That would just be incredible. If you would like to contribute your passion to a greater cause, email me through the Contact form on the website.

Mark your calendars. July 24 we’re all boarding the plane, the 36-hour travel time to Zambia to begin this next chapter of this organization. Don’t miss the flight.

With Love, Amy