What Now?

So you've seen all 10 photos, read all 10 quotes of what the women are thankful for. We hope your introduction to them was as meaningful to you as it has been to us. We're getting video ready for you to continue to get to know these great women, but until then, what do we do now? Would it be a huge shock to you if I said that we need your help? Well, we do. We need your help.

We're coming to the end of the official in-country launch. One month away from a time of transition and growth. Again, this isn't a chapter closed but rather a launch into a new one. Exciting things are in the works. Expansion is ahead. The 10 women are continuing their skills training, they're growing in community with each other, they show up early and leave late, and they're creating beautiful bracelets for income-generation and self-sustainability. The "plan" not only "worked" but it's exceeded every expectation. CiH brings a light to the dark slum community through empowerment and opportunity when culture and society shouts otherwise, and it does so through 10 amazing women.

What now?

First, check out our unique, handmade, Zambian-made line of bracelets, the Knot & Twist Bracelets, as a part of the Chikondi brand (meaning "love," chosen by the CiH Zambian women). Motivated by and created by love, each bracelet is a beautiful representation of each woman's life. Each bracelet not only betters the CiH woman and her family through finances and empowerment, but also allows for replication of the program to reach countless others in Ng'ombe and throughout greater Lusaka, Zambia. The Facebook album is accessible here. Check it out. They're pretty incredible.

Next, dream with us. See what is, giving hope to vulnerable women in the Ng'ombe slum compound, and see what it could be, expanding hope beyond those walls to fight the oppression of Zambian women through substituting it with opportunity and joy. And see where you play into this. All of us together as individuals could create a powerful movement of hope and love through education and empowerment. We're not giving money away; we're investing in the lives of Zambian women to allow them to thrive through financial independence, self-sustainability and lasting community development. We're just getting started.

What will you do to help?

If you want to give a sewing machine, do it on our Give page. If you want to invest in lives with us, donate to our general fund on our Give page. If you want to rep CiH in your hometown, buy a shirt on Etsy. If you want to donate your talents, email us on the Contact page. If you have advice for us or if you'd like to sell bracelets with us, Contact us. If you want to keep up, follow us on Rally, Twitter or Facebook. Basically, the possibilities are endless. The greater the involvement, the greater the impact. Let's do this. Together. With chikondi.

Lastly, stay tuned for your first chance to purchase a Chikondi Knot or Twist bracelet, to give hope...