Day 1: Are You Ready?

Just 3 short months ago, I was boarding a plane to Zambia unaware of what these months would hold for me. Two years of planning led up to this in-country launch, and I thought I had an idea of how things would happen. But if I’ve learned one thing in Zambia, it’s that nothing is predictable. Things are chaotic and difficult; corrupt, even, tending to put a damper on any foreign organization that wants to come into Zambia to work. But for us as Clothed in Hope, the pendulum has swung the opposite way. Every expectation I had has been exceeded, every timeline greatly quickened. Zambians have soaked up the success of this empowerment model, and I can confidently say that hope is spreading. This isn’t just some cliché; it’s tangible here. It’s visible on the faces of 11 women in the Ng’ombe slum compound. It has written stories here, ripple effects that create an unstoppable force against oppression and poverty. From all that has been accomplished here, it’s so apparent that Clothed in Hope is just beginning in Zambia. The doors of opportunity have been swung wide open. The need is great, and we’re ready to take our next step. But before that, I’d love to share some of these stories with you, beyond blog entries and posted photos. Huge things are happening; are you ready to be a part of them? With Chikondi, Amy Woodell, Founder & Executive Director