Chikondi Community Center: Update

Dear CiH friends, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, filled with hope, joy, love and laughter spent with friends and family. We’re so thankful that you’ve chosen to spend this season with us, as many of y’all have already contributed to our campaign that began December 15, scheduled to end on January 15. You didn’t have to put the busyness on pause to give HOPE, but you have. So far 55 of you have. And that’s pretty incredible. Check out the end of this post to see just a few of the folks who have decided to keep hope alive in 2013 for vulnerable women in Zambia through Clothed in Hope.

For now, we’d like to update you on our progress: - Together we’ve raised over $7,000 towards the Chikondi Community Center!! - With 10 full days to go, we’re still in need of $2,690 to be fully funded on our Indiegogo campaign. - The VERY generous donor who offered to match EVERY gift up to $10,000 until the end of 2012 has EXTENDED their offer to last until the end of the campaign!! All gifts given, big and small, are still matched for double the impact! - The funding doesn’t stop at 100%. We would be SO excited if we get fully funded for this project, but there are still more needs in order for our center to be opened, so let’s exceed it! - Renovations that cost above the building purchase price include installing doors, creating windows, building a security fence and gate to protect our women as they learn skills necessary to benefit their families and develop their communities. The women of Clothed in Hope are inspiring and creative, and we’d love to give them a comfortable, safe place to create unique products, learn new skills, and enjoy encouraging friendships with one another. Community is powerful.

This building is more than a few concrete block walls and a dirt yard. It’s a beacon of hope in an oppressive society. It’s a shelter of comfort. It’s a laboratory for creativity.  It’s a classroom for learning. It’s a statement of love to women who have been hurt, abused, and abandoned. It’s a fresh start for families. It’s a home of HOPE.

Will you help us make it a reality for the women of the Ng’ombe compound? We have 10 days to push it, to Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, email, text, call our friends and family to invite them to be a part of something big in 2013. Let’s make our New Year resolution to be less about us and more about the people of this world. We’re here for each other. I promise you won’t regret being a part of what’s happening in the lives of Zambian women through Clothed in Hope. I’ve been changed, inspired, impacted and challenged by their stories and I’m sure you will too.

Here’s the link: It’s your choice what you’d like to do with it. We’d love it if you’d join us. 11 women, their families, and their community would, too.

A HUGE thank you to the following people who have already invested in HOPE through the Chikondi Community Center campaign:

Emily Douglas Kerry Martin Ashley Sutherland Jonathan Williams Brianna Booth Brewer Family Barbie Chinnis Paul Rabeler Brent & Ashlee Moore of iamj3 Rebecca Kneisley Kari Morrison Lisa Bailey Ashley Branum Tina Weaver Chris Sharpless Michelle Bilinski Larry Conover Silvia Pleasants Luke Blount Laura Matias Jo Hollis Beth Hollingsworth Sandi Riggs Chris Moore Rodger Burden Derek & Mandy Jakes Amy Swindle Kelsey McKinney Shon Beury Thomas & Brooke Kirby Debbie Gibbs Sarah Gonzales Meredith Chinnis Caleb Gross Jeff & Stephanie Deatherage Jeannette Korczak Jeff & Deborah Cook David & Morgan Lemond Claudia Bardi Les & Connie Deatherage Kate Metcalf Alexandria Caputo Mark Woodell Will & Kathy Woodell Christine Weaver Jessica McMichen Sawyer Dils Theresa Hodge Joyce Gannaway Teresa Hansow Fred & Joan McBride Magda Timmons Florence Jowers Terri Pratt Rick & Jeannie Zuburg Studio Piraino Abigail Eisold DP Wurzel Kenn & Laura Swearingen James Staeck (Names listed are in no particular order and some omitted for privacy)

With Chikondi, Amy