Back Again

Dear Friends,

I arrived in Zambia on Wednesday, carrying the exciting news of the successful campaign of the Chikondi Community Center and the joy of reuniting with women who have impacted my life with their own stories and transformation of lives through hope. I wasn't sure what to expect jumping back into our training program, as it's been continuing even though I spent a few months away in the US. But I was so encouraged when I walked into the room filled with the 11 incredible women I've come to know through over the past months. Smiles, cheers, laughs, and hugs were exchanged. A rekindled connection and shared passion for hope to continue spreading throughout Zambia in the lives of vulnerable women made for a great start to this next phase of the organization. A transitional time of growth, expansion, and refinement. We have a lot in the works for new products, new program details, and even new women who have been on a 6-month waiting list to be a part of our training program, and we look forward to sharing so much of this with you along the way.

So I'm back again. Back, not to create, but to be a part of what's already happening here in the lives of women who are eager, forward-thinking, creative and passionate to see change in their communities. Women like Doreen (pictured above). Doreen joined me today to re-visit the future Chikondi Community Center, and it was absolutely surreal realizing that this would be our place. Our community. Our home. There's much to be done until we can cut the ribbon on this building, as we'll be renovating during the height of rainy season, and paperwork seems to be deeper than the rivers that flow through the compound in this season. But there is so much to look forward to and be excited about for the future, and so much to be thankful for today.

Thank you for joining us in this journey, and for empowering women in Zambia to choose hope for themselves, their families, and their communities.

With Chikondi, Amy