International Women's Day

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day, a day recognized as a national holiday here in Zambia. All government offices closed, parades throughout the city, festivals at every shopping center. It’s a huge deal. Maybe because for one day, Zambia realizes just how important women are to the development of this nation. We can put our lives on pause to reflect on the contributions of women who have gone before us, both here in Zambia and around the world, as well as looking forward to the possibilities of impact and betterment through women in the future.

Women, especially those in developing nations, have the ability to impact the most lives. They are mothers breaking generational barriers for their children to have better lives. They are community influencers in areas of high poverty rates. They are the ones who hold families together throughout oppression and injustice.

And with hope and empowerment, they can do huge things. Zambian women could be world changers. And we’re so thankful to witness 11 Zambian women in our skills training program as world changers to their families, friends, and communities. And we hope you’ll agree with us in that they’re not only impacting lives in Zambia; they’re inspiring people around the world with their stories of courage, hope despite oppression, choosing love over despair, and inconceivable sacrifice for others.

So today we celebrate women. Our hope is for women around the world to see themselves as they truly are: treasured, valued, unique, and important. Incredible. Inspiring. World changers.

And for us it’s just started with these 11, with ripple effects throughout Lusaka, throughout villages in Zambia, and throughout the world. What a joy to be a part of it all.