A Reminder

As I wrapped up our health lesson at today’s training class, I knew something was up. I’m scheduled to head back to the States this Thursday for a couple more months of much-needed fundraising. It’s never easy to leave and the see-you-laters surely don’t get any easier. The CiH women and I have decided upon a rule to just not refer to our separation in hopes that it doesn’t hurt as badly. So I thought that was the reason for the unsettling silence this afternoon, but I was so off. Instead of dwelling on the difficulty ahead, friends separated by thousands of miles and too many hours, the women yet again have taught me/us a huge lesson.

I burrowed into my notebook to finish up some last minute budgeting and planning. I looked up only to see 11 shining faces and dozens of colored paper hearts with fancy edges with the word “Zikomo” (thank you) written across every single one of them in colorful crayon. What’s this for?

It’s for every single one of you that have helped make the Chikondi Community Center a reality. They copied the names of each one of you out of my notebook, divided them up, and wrote yet another thank you note. A beautiful one at that.

Because they want YOU to know just how thankful they are. That you have inspired them. That you have stirred up hope within their souls. That you have gifted them with community. That you have seen the value in them and shared it with others. That you keep Clothed in Hope going through this center.

Some programs may gobble up your donation with overhead or administrative expenses, but today’s thoughtful and touching gesture was a solid reminder that the women feel every penny of your donations. Their lives are forever changed because of you. The impact is huge. I hope these little heart cards are a reminder to those of you who receive them that every single day you are inspiring hope within the hearts of 11 women in Lusaka, Zambia, their children, their families, their neighbors, and those who have yet to walk into the doors of the Chikondi Community Center.

So tonight I’d like to share with each one of you who financially support this organization that the hearts of the CiH Zambia women are shouting a grateful, encouraged, humbling “Zikomo.”

With Chikondi (Love), Amy