We're Cooking Up Something BIG!

It’s a new week of a new year and we are so excited to invite y’all into something hugely NEW in our skills training program. Here at Clothed in Hope, we empower vulnerable women through life-skills training in sewing and business. The ladies absolutely love our program and are so grateful for it. But we’ve discovered that most of the ladies have a top-secret skill.

We have 22 Betty Crockers currently enrolled in our program. They love to cook. They love to host friends and visitors for lunch. Their desire is to one day learn how to bake and sell the goods they make.

So… we’re starting a Cooking & Baking program this month!!! The program will just be a fun and optional addition to our sewing & business training program, open to any of the ladies of CiH. They will learn how to cook nutritious meals for their families. They'll also be taught how to bake the most delicious treats to sell in local markets for income-generation. They can even store their nutrient-rich goods, such as dairy products and proteins, at the CCC to enrich their regular diets in a healthy way. We will supplement hands-on lessons with education about food- and water-borne illnesses.

The ladies let out shouts of excitement when we told them what might be in store for them, and we need YOUR help to make it happen.

We have a big request. But we know that the hearts of our supporters and fans (you all) are even bigger.

In order to launch our Cooking and Baking program, we need:

1 Oven with 4-plate Stovetop 1 Refrigerator with a Freezer

We’ve been bargain hunting around town for the best value and here is our current/immediate need for these:

Oven/Stovetop: $487.27 (brand new with a 2 year guarantee and delivery- the best!) Refrigerator/Freezer Combo: 343.64 (brand new, delivery included)

For a grand total of: $830.91 + some extra cash for flour, baking soda, sugar, and all the other essentials

Here’s the kicker- we’d love to purchase these on Wednesday (yes, in two days). Y’all think we can do it? We do. Because we believe in you, World Changers, to make it happen, and give this new education and income-generating opportunity to 22 women who are beyond excited about it.

It’s going to be awesome. And we can’t wait to show you photos on Wednesday of the newest additions to our Chikondi Community Center. First thing on the menu is homemade ice cream to sell at the nearby market with a vendor who has already agreed to let us use his space. You may be experiencing that Polar Vortex but it’s hot & rainy on this side of the ocean, and that ice cream is going to bring in some great funds for our ladies & our program.

Donate here now with whatever amount you’d like to give and be the one to help launch this brand new Cooking & Baking Program:

And if you need a bit more evidence of just how badly the ladies desire this program, check out these photos of their cooking and baking experiences at the Center on charcoal stoves and a makeshift stove with an electric coil on stones. Sounds safe, huh? These ladies are determined. Let’s do it for them.

With Gratitude & Chikondi, Amy