Who Run the World? Girls #IWD2016

To kick off this celebratory post, I’d love to quote one of my favorite songs, “Who run the world? Girls.” 

Today is International Women’s Day, “celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women,” as stated on the official website. 

And while it may be obvious, I’ll just go ahead and say it- we’re big fans of achievements made by women. Every 6 months, and truly every day, we celebrate the courage, determination, and brilliance of vulnerable women in Zambia as they overcome countless cultural obstacles to learn skills and launch their own small businesses for the betterment of their families. 

This day just feels right. Unifying. On our side of the world in Zambia, we’ll cheer, shout, sing, and of course, dance, as we think of all the women who have gone before us and all those who will come after us to empower others around the world.

I could go into statistic after statistic that proves when you empower a woman, you make the most change within a community. But in the spirit of celebration I’ll spare you all the numbers and reports I geek out on, and I’ll leave you with these 5 great quotes with the faces of 5 incredible women in Zambia. 

And if you want to share them, please do! Use the fun hashtags #IWD2016 and #clothedinhope to connect your images with others around the world. 

Happy International Women’s Day!

With Chikondi,