Patience's Story

If you're part of our HOPE Club, you're already familiar with this story since it was our October HOPE Story. But it was too special to keep within the Club, so we're sharing it with all of you!

Patience's story is just one of many, and she represents the dozens and dozens of women in our program who have risen above oppression to choose a better life for themselves and their families. Her story is still being written, as she's a current student in our Kaunda Square location. She will graduate this coming March. During our recent trip to Zambia we asked who would want to share their story with our CiH family in America, and Patience was eager to do so. 

Patience has a voice and she's excited to use it. It's up to us to listen, to be inspired, and to act.

"My name is Patience Mulenga. I have one boy who is 4 years old and one girl who just turned 1 year. I started at this Kaunda Square class in March.
I heard about the class from the first group of students. I was standing by the road one day and helped them carry chitenge fabric and a machine. I told them that I wasn’t doing any business, and they invited me to join the class since I was just sitting at home. I met with the Teacher to find out if I could join and she said I could start in March.
I have enjoyed learning everything so far. I’ve always had the passion to sew but didn’t know anything about it. Someone bought me an old sewing machine a while ago, and now I can actually start to use it. Learning has given me so much joy and I’ve been inspired. I’ve managed to learn how to sew other things. I can see clothes I like and then cut out the design on fabric to make it. I can imagine a design and then make it. My sewing isn’t perfect but I am still practicing.
When I finish my course and start my sewing business I will be able to enroll my son into preschool. I want to name my business 'With God.'
You should continue with funding this program. You are really empowering a lot of us and it’s helping us women who are less privileged. The skill will take us far. There are many women going about and sleeping with men so that they can feed their children. But with this, a lot of women will be able to stand on their own as women. When you have this skill as a woman, you can go far. You will never lack. So I am saying thank you for this program."

Did you catch that?

When you have this skill as a woman, you will go far. 

You will never lack. 

THIS is what you are giving to women in Zambia when you partner with us. This dignity, this hope, this confidence, this success. While Patience is the one overcoming much, you can be the facilitator of that change. You get to link arms with her and see lives changed in Zambia. 

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