The Very Beginning Pt. 4

If you are just now joining us for this fun blog series, you'll want to start HERE at the very beginning of The Very Beginning. 

Mark leaves tomorrow. We have been killin’ it with all that we’ve been able to get done right out of the gate like this. We bought sewing machines downtown, another memorable experience. They shoved these giant manual machines into cars smaller than Corollas and drove them to the edge of the Ng’ombe Compound. And then some random guy came out to CARRY THEM ON HIS SHOULDER to Elina’s house where we’d begin our training. We know why he was so generous to help, so we tipped him a couple dollars for his hard work and he was thrilled. 

The Joanne Fabrics of Lusaka, Zambia

The Joanne Fabrics of Lusaka, Zambia

Our first five ladies learned how to make fabric flowers with a needle and thread. Mark presented on marketing and business practices from his wealth of knowledge. We established group rules, brought a few other ladies into the group, gathered photos and some stories, and started the ladies on the manual sewing machines. 

Jessy learning how to use the manual sewing machines

Jessy learning how to use the manual sewing machines

The days felt long but went by so fast with Mark by my side. They were full and rich and challenging and joyful, and we were getting in a really good groove. 

We took a taxi (that was recommended to us) three hours outside of the city to a national park with roads rougher than we or the taxi driver knew possible. After bottoming out several times and wondering if we’d ever make it in one piece, we arrived for our debrief and rest safari after two weeks of nonstop activity. 

And here we are back in Lusaka. Mark’s packing up. We’ve never spent this much time together, all day everyday, in our entire lives. We learned that we could eat dinner for less than $1 if we bought day-old scones at the grocery store and dipped them in our jar of peanut butter. We learned that Coca-Cola is cheaper than water, but probably won’t make you feel good if it’s all you drink. We learned how to say hello, how are you, and see you tomorrow in Nyanja. And we also learned that we could really get on each other’s nerves. 

A part of me is excited to send Mark back to America. I think I’m ready to do this thing on my own now (another “haha” moment, five years later). 

When Mark leaves tomorrow, I’ll be moving out of this family’s house and into my own place. I think I can handle living on my own in the middle of a brand new country that I still don’t really know. Right? 

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