International Women's Day 2018

Today, we are celebrating all of the women in our lives.

To the hardworking mothers who make daily sacrifices to create stability and provide for their families, to the young girls who encounter decisions each day that will impact their futures, to the women leaving their homes each morning to pursue their careers...each and every one of you is making an impact. Thank you for doing what you can, exactly where you are. 

Today is a special day for us at Clothed in Hope because women's empowerment drives everything we do. We have seen first-hand the impact that can be made when women are told "You are seen. You are important. You are capable." So, it can be expected that International Women's Day is a day that we hold very near and dear to our hearts, and we hope you'll join us in celebrating!

We've created these images for you to share on your social pages. Will you join us in creating awareness around this special day?

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Are you ready to make a difference?

We also want to invite you to celebrate this holiday by donating to our skills-training program or another women's organization. Either way, YOU are capable elevating women's roles in the world, and when you support Clothed in Hope you empower women to pursue their dreams!

Zikomo (Thank You),