The Runway

The time is finally here. Months, years of planning, so many people involved with and supporting the cause, fundraisers completed, and after tomorrow, it all changes. The dream and the vision become reality. After the long wait in the airport, possibly with delays and complications, there's a unique feeling when you're finally sitting in your seat on the airplane rolling down the runway. Like ripples of exhaustion from preparation and dealing with the seemingly less-important details. Like eager anticipation for takeoff. Nervousness even. Excitement and adventure. You're seated and there's nothing else you can do. Bags are stowed, seat backs and tray tables up, you know the whole deal. You can't even be distracted by your electronics at this point. It's just you, your adventure ahead, and the acknowledgment that there's something so much greater than you wrapped up in all of this. You're not the pilot, you're a passenger. You're surrounded by tons of people all sharing a similar drive, but all going different places.

That's where I'm at. Today I'm on the runway, ready for takeoff tomorrow morning at 6am. I invite you to get yourself a ticket, and hope to look around over the next 3 months and see you all seated around me with the common drive of seeing change brought about through Clothed in Hope. Follow CiH on Rally, Instagram, Twitter, anything really so that you can be a part of what's going on. Email me your ideas and suggestions. Share through these sites. Attend our fundraisers. Thank our stateside staff for being amazing.

And lastly, join me. I cannot wait to share with you what's up ahead!

With Love, Amy