I'm here in Zambia, safe and sound, and although things are quite different here, so much feels so comforting. Yesterday I walked the same Zambezi Rd. to the Ng'ombe compound that I have for the past couple of years to the same house that I went to last year. It's incredible to see Clothed in Hope becoming a reality, faster and more cohesively than we ever imagined. Yesterday I just spent time reconnecting with Elina and with a shout and a smile, I knew we were together again, and it felt so great. Miles and cultures may stand in the way of us most times, but in the end we're all the same and the beauty of friendship is universal.

Today, I had the sheer joy of sitting in Elina's living room surrounded by the most beautiful people I have ever met in my life. The CiH women were together again. They've been so excited for things to start, and what a blessing it is to get to tell them that they are, right now. We shared ideas, we exchanged thoughts and suggestions. This isn't my project or my nonprofit, it's their community initiative to see change brought about to the Ng'ombe compound through their skills training program. Giving them the responsibility and decision-making ability didn't deliver burdens but rather brought freedom.

In the meeting, I asked when they'd like to start and how often, thinking it may be a day here and there for the next 3 months of my stay. But oh was I wrong. The women all spoke in their native language of Nyanja together, and cohesively said "Monday!" and agreed that they want to meet every single weekday to learn business and trade skills to make product for income generation and empowerment that's contagious in that community.

So here we go. Monday at 14Hours, 2pm Zambian time, we're beginning this. Our first lesson is hand stitching and we have a bunch of surprises lined up for y'all. {re}styled is bigger than we ever imagined. And I absolutely cannot wait to show you the first photos of the first product created by these wonderful women.

Thank you for creating this opportunity for empowerment, employment, and sustainable development in Ng'ombe. I wish I could bring each one of you Β here to share in these joys, but this will have to do for now.

With great love, Amy

ps. Internet is patchy so I'll try to keep you updated as things happen, but just you know, we're all together, and it's happening.