Hope-Infused Update

Here’s the thing. It’s only been one week since this post and you all have been so generous to help fund our clean water well at our Chikondi Community Center! It’s time for a little update to catch you up. 

I just arrived in Zambia a couple days ago to connect with our ladies and hear of the amazing things they’re accomplishing. And today I laid eyes on this mega tank myself. Standing high above the other houses in the area, our big green tank symbolizes life. Water in the drought. Water flowing even when day-long power cuts keep all other water from flowing at other wells. 

As I reconnected with the ladies and made my rounds at CCC, I watched as person after person dropped off their buckets and jugs at our gate to be filled by our staff. Each person who walks away with a bucket of clean water is joining our Clothed in Hope family by becoming part of our story. This story is reaching far beyond our training students and their families. This story is flowing throughout an entire vulnerable community. And I just love that. 

Here is a list of our initial goal for this life-giving project:
3 partners of HOPE to give $1,000
4 world changers to give $500
10 difference makers to give $100
10 big hearts to give $50
10 compassionate souls to give $25
25 generous people to give $10

And here’s what we still need to fully fund our clean water well:
3 partners of HOPE to give $1,000
3 difference makers to give $100
5 big hearts to give $50
6 compassionate souls to give $25
25 generous people to give $10


Thank you so much to everyone who has already donated to partner with us in giving clean water to the Ng’ombe community! We’re almost halfway to our goal and would love to share a fun video with you once we reach it. And just like before, every tax-deductible contribution also gets a handwritten thank you note from a CiH lady. We are so grateful for each one of you. 

With Chikondi (Love),
CiH Founder & Executive Director