Abundantly MORE!

This year-end giving campaign brought us to tears. 

Tears of surprise, joy, humility, and gratitude. 

You all didn't just give 18k by New Year's Day... You gave $31,006!!!! 
Abundantly more than we could ask for or imagine. A huge and incredible gift. 


Here's a little note from our founder, Amy Bardi

"What a gift that so many of you would choose to partner with us in changing the lives of women in Zambia. What a gift that you'd choose to step into stories of oppression and abuse and neglect, and bring the light to these dark places with your dollars and hearts. What a gift to walk this road hand in hand with the very best CiH family I could ever ask for or imagine. 

Thank you friends, from the deepest parts of my soul. Thank you for bringing about a MIRACLE this year. 

And because of this- we will get to do SO MUCH MORE in 2017 in the lives of the vulnerable and the brokenhearted. Praying you feel all the blessings and joy of this exciting news, and as you follow along with us in 2017 that you will continue to be encouraged by the difference you're making. Zikomo kwambili."

Because you blew this goal out of the water, we're going to be able to open our FOURTH training center location in mid-2017. All because you showed up and gave so generously. YOU are making this possible. 

Thank you so much from all of us at CiH! Happiest New Year to you and yours!