Christmas Party!

Every year we throw a Christmas Party for our ladies in Zambia. This year, with our new location in Kaunda Square compound and formalized program in Muchochoma Village, we had 3 Christmas Parties to throw! And from the reports of our ZamStaff, they were the best ever. 

Over 250 women and children attended these 3 parties, decked out in their favorite outfits - many women rocking custom designs that they've made - and ready to celebrate. We bussed a sound system out to Muchochoma Village, so everyone would get to enjoy an awesome dance party, even the folks 3 hours outside the big city. And the kids' favorite part - the food. We always go all out for our Christmas feasts, and this year was no exception. We served beans, rice, chicken, potato wedges (learned in our baking class!), greens, Fantas, Cokes, scones, and more! Many women cannot afford to eat chicken but once or twice per year, especially those out in the Village, so this was quite a treat for everyone! 

After the bellies were filled, more dancing, more singing, more laughing. And the women ended the party with a gift exchange they created and named "Secret Friend." We just love it so much. Women now have enough money, after providing everything needed for their children and home life and businesses to thrive, to participate in a gift exchange. It may not seem like a big deal to many of us, but it is!! A disposable income to enjoy gift giving, amazing. Women gave irons, fabric, kitchen accessories, pots, food, even cash. It's safe to say that this tradition will definitely be included in our Christmas Parties for years to come. 

Thank you for making it possible for our friends in Zambia to gather together with their children to celebrate Christmas as a big, happy CiH family. We just wish you could've been there, too! But until then, enjoy these photos from the fun parties, taken by our amazing ZamStaff who pulled it all off:

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