The Very Beginning Pt. 1

As we’re gearing up for our Gala for Hope(s) this September, I’ve been pulling tons of Elina photos from the CiH archives. Photos of us together over the past 7 YEARS that I’ve known her. And before we look ahead, dreaming together at our Galas, I wanted to share this story, this incredible story of one simple “yes” making ripples throughout entire communities in Zambia. Not really “my” story, but the story that I get to be part of. A gloriously messy, painfully thrilling, hope-filled, risky, adventurous, faith-filled story. 

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Let's Get Swanky

We're excited to pull that gown out of the back of the closet, dust it off, and get swanky for a night. 

But more than that, we're excited to welcome our Zambia Director to the US for the VERY FIRST TIME in her life!! Elina, one of our very first students turned #girlboss extraordinaire, was approved for a Visitor Visa from the U.S. Embassy in Lusaka, and will get to see what America is all about. 

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Project Runway #2

These women blow us away. Not only do they rise above oppression and abuse and all things awful to pave a new path for their entire families by learning a skillset, but they also transform into confident, beautiful, incredibly talented designers and seamstresses in the process. It is SO FUN to witness!! Since we didn't have it in the budget to fly all of you over to Zambia to see it for yourselves this past March, here are some of the highlights of Project Runway: Zam Edition...

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Meet Megan!

We love introducing you to the folks who make things happen around here! So friends, meet Megan. She started off as an intern with us and is now on our Social Media Team as a student at the University of South Carolina (go Gamecocks!). She's smart, so kind, passionate, and just really great. Here's a little interview with her to get to know her better...

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We've Moved!

Our landlord thought he could take advantage of our women. We said no way. We packed our bags and moved out of there into a new Kaunda Square facility. We need YOUR help to fund this unexpected change. Just 10 of you to give $10/month will give our ladies safety, running water, electricity, and the message that injustice will not prevail. 

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Where Are They Now: Jessy's Story

Jessy is one entrepreneurial woman. 

A mother of 5 and grandmother of 6 children, she joined our program in 2012 with the very first group to complete our skills-training program. Jessy appeared to be shy and timid, but we now know her to be a woman of less words spoken because of the many thoughts she's constantly entertaining in her mind - she's brilliant. 

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Meet the Summer Interns

Allow me to introduce myself, Ashley, along with my fellow intern, Corrine. I am excited and feel privileged to announce that Amy has brought us onto the CiH team in Raleigh, NC as interns for the summer.  Currently we are both students at North Carolina State University studying Fashion and Textile Management.  Corrine and I are excited about our summer internship with CiH to learn more about the organization and how CiH works to support the amazing women in Zambia. 

So we are not strangers, here is a little more about Corrine and myself...

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